Roger Goodell and the NFL League Officials are a Bunch of NAZI’S.

Gruden and Roger, NY POST 2021

You read the title and said to yourself, “Nazis? Really dude?”.

Yeah, NAZI’s. What else do you call an authoritarian regime that not only wants to control everything but is willing to ignore its own by-laws and processes to achieve goals that are as personal and petty as institutional?

They also have a very unfair judicial system that has little to no transparency and laughable consistency. All while their friends get away with murder as they persecute their enemies.

Joeseph Goebbels allegedly said, “Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs”. And who controls the media to the extent the NFL does? Putin and Ping monitor the NFL’s iron fist for ideas.

I stand by my use of “NAZIS”.

If you don’t follow sports you may have missed the NFL coach who was forced to resign due to leaked emails from 10 years ago. I’m not here to defend the coach. Some of the things he said were the type of over-the-top hyperbolic humor I could see myself saying in a sarcastic banter with close friends. And some of it was brain-dead shit I wouldn’t have said 30 years ago and it made me cringe.

The problem is, I doubt 75% of the NFL coaches and 95% of the owners haven’t said or emailed far, far worse in the last 15 years. Which brings me to NFL’s part in all this.

The leaked emails were leaked by someone with access to an investigation into a team the coach in question, has never worked for. In fact, his handful of leaked emails were surgically leaked. As they are part of a mountain of 650,000 emails in discovery, controlled by the NFL, who has no intention of letting any others out of their grasp. BTW, no others have been leaked.

All of that isn’t in dispute, but the rest is to a certain extent.

**Side note….

Most of the information over the next few paragraphs comes from the only person in NFL media with the stones to call it like he sees it. Mike Florio at He’s a former litigator who has his faults, but one of them is not honesty or an unwillingness to deal with the consequences of telling the truth. **

It has been speculated that the NFL LEAGUE OFFICES at the HIGHEST LEVEL approved these emails being leaked. The NFL has publically denied that on the record. However,’s Mike Florio also quoted a source who (confidently) told him ‘unequivocally’ that the league office did leak them and was “targeting the coach specifically”.

Was this one coach that bad?

Probably not to the avg. football fan, but Roger Goodell (NFL’s commissioner) has changed the game making it ‘lesser than what it once was’ in a lot of people’s eyes, including the aforementioned coach’s. Also, Roger is not a huge fan of criticism. This coach didn’t have a problem zigging when the league told everyone to Zag.

Why would the league leak the emails from this coach if the other 649,950 emails probably contain a bunch of other inflammatory comments by other people that they may not want made public? It feels like a hell of a risk. Stands to reason, if there is enough outrage or if someone sues, (Florio suggested a lawyer in a city with a partially publically finaced stadium may have a very strong case for disclosure) Congress gets interested, etc, this could embarrass a lot of people. Was this one coach that bad and worth all the potential problems? To Roger Gaddell I guess he was. But why?

Because he thought he could get away with it. To put it bluntly.

The Commissioner (Roger Gaddell) works for the 32 owners of the teams. Period. He uses a euphemism, “To Protect the Shield”, but he doesn’t work for the fans, players, and certainly not the cities. Everything he does is to make them more money or to protect the 32 owners.


The Washinton football team (formerly the Washington Redskins for 88 years until the NFL decided the REDSKINS mascot was racists) had a series of lawsuits filed for sexual harassment and other workplace hostilities. The NFL let it play out until naked videos of current cheerleaders were circulating and they decided to step in.

****Washington Football team, formerly the Washington Redskins for 88 years until the NFL decided the REDSKINS mascot was racists. Actually, until NIKE and AMAZON decided it was too racist and stopped selling the teams merchandise****

By “step in” I mean confiscated everything they could get their hands on that could embarrass the league. (by ‘embarrass the league’ I mean, embarrass the owners or cost them money) And the 650,000 emails were part of that.


In early July, the league announced its findings after a yearlong investigation into Washington and a workplace in which sexual harassment and bullying were commonplace. The franchise was fined $10 million, and although Snyder was not suspended, it was agreed upon that his wife, Tanya, would assume responsibilities for all day-to-day team operations and would represent the team at all league meetings for at least several months.

It doesn’t take a psychic to guess the owner of the team (Dan Snyder) may have done some questionable things. Not just regarding the lawsuits, but Snyder didn’t want to change the team’s name. He spent years pushing to maintain REDSKINS name and logo despite rational requests to move on from it. It’s no coincidence they are the WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM and have yet to adopt a new mascot. He’s a bitch and he’s still bitter.

And in the ultimate admission of guilt Snyder agreed to let his wife run his toy while he’s indefinitely suspended. (I know it says he wasn’t suspended but grass is still green and the sky is still blue. No matter what Snyder says, he’s been suspended with cause) How badly does an egomaniac have to have behaved to agree to let your wife take over HIS pro football team?

Not badly enough to get Roger to release the emails. Which is becoming sort of an issue. The original findings were ‘news dumped’ the Friday before the 4th of July holiday. And the NFL got away with it. Well, until they made use of the emails last week. Now the players union did a faux petition to “compel the league to release them” — whatever. The plaintiff's lawyers in the Snyder harassment case are pushing for them to be released and the media isn’t letting it go this time. And you know what?

It ain’t gonna happen.

32 other old white (mostly racist by 2021 standards) men DO NOT want those emails released. Because if they are, the rest of the owners could be next. For all we know Snyder sent the naked cheerleader video to his pals amongst his click within the owner’s community. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

“Russian, if you are listening….”

Given what the fired coach did do that has been condemned by everyone in the sports world being a clear bar that could not be crossed, I’d like to share some other things that have happend in my lifetime that didn’t result in exile..

Jan 20th, 2019

The owner of the New England Patriots enters a massage parlor and is caught on a human trafficking surveillance camera getting a handjob. Rumor has it, twice.

I don’t believe the NFL formally penalized him but he spent a ton of cash in Jupitor Florida to keep the DA from releasing that video.

Roger and Bob Kraft of the, ‘I like to get handjobs from illegal immigrants’, Bob Kraft. I guess Bob and Roger are buddies.


OJ Simpson murdered his ex-wife and a bystander. Was acquitted. Then found guilty in civil court.

He is still on the Buffalo Bills ring of honor

Early 2000's

Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, knowingly cheated for years by videotaping the opponent’s signals as the plays were being called so both offense and defense knew what was coming. He was fined, the evidence was DESTROYED, and the Patriots lost a draft pick.

Guess who destroyed the evidence?

Cheater and Roger


Greg Hardy

On May 13, 2014, Hardy was arrested for assault and communicating threats, after he was alleged to have assaulted an ex-girlfriend by grabbing her, throwing her into furniture (only threw her on a bed….next to a live arsenal of over 10 fully loaded guns), strangling her, and threatening to kill her. On July 15, a judge found him guilty of assault and communicating threats, and sentenced him to 18 months probation, suspending a 60-day jail sentence. When Hardy appealed the decision, requesting a jury trial, the victim failed to appear in court to testify. As a result, the prosecutor’s office dropped the charges, citing their inability to locate the victim, and “reliable information” that the two parties had reached a civil settlement

Hardy signed with and played for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2015 season after seeing limited time in 2014 with Carolina Panthers.

Hardy had 6.5 sacks in 2014.


Mark Chmura

On April 8, 2000 Chmura was accused of sexually assaulting the 17-year-old babysitter of his children. Chmura was tried but found not guilty of all charges. Two days after being acquitted of child enticement and third-degree sexual assault, Chmura acknowledged that his behavior at a post-prom party “wasn’t something a married man should do.”

Chumura had 43 catches and 6 touchdowns in the 1991 season


Leonard Little

After leaving a birthday party in 1998, Little crashed into and killed Susan Gutweiler in St. Louis, Missouri who was on her way to pick up her son from a concert. When tested, his blood alcohol content was 0.19 percent, 0.11 points exceeding the legal limit of 0.08 in the state of Missouri. Little received four years probation and was ordered to undergo a thousand hours of community service.

Little had 85 career sacks after the incident.

On January 18, 2003, with charges dating back to 1999, Little was charged with communicating threats and making harassing calls, according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department. Little’s attorney, Scott Rosenblum, said that the charges were filed after Little and his former girlfriend Michelle ended their relationship. Rosenblum added, “We don’t think this case is going anywhere. It was groundless from the beginning”.

On April 24, 2004, he was arrested again for driving while intoxicated after being stopped by The Ladue Police Department for driving 78 miles per hour in a 55 mile-per-hour zone on Interstate 64. At the time, he had red eyes, smelled of alcohol, and failed three roadside sobriety tests. He later admitted that he drank alcohol to the police. After being convicted of misdemeanor speeding but acquitted of DWI, Little received two years of probation on May 6, 2005, and was prohibited from drinking any sort of alcoholic beverage during his time of probation.

in the 2005 Season Little had 9.5 sacks

Those are a few highlights, but I stopped as I could keep listing all sorts of things that the NFL allowed to be ignored or evidence was suppressed in an effort to get guys back on the field in the recent past.


The NFL is totally corrupt and until the public gets sick of it or loses interest they are not going to change a damn thing.




Shit is about to get real. Or I’m just going to complain a lot.

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Lord Dukes de Enfer

Lord Dukes de Enfer

Shit is about to get real. Or I’m just going to complain a lot.

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